Fighting For a Seat at the Table: Why Women Can Be Formidable in 2016 Elections

Alyssa Lieberman


It’s a matter of general consensus that Hillary Clinton is at the center of the 2016 presidential buzz and speculation. With near- celebrity status, unmatched qualifications and a brand name to boot, many believe that she’s the best candidate for the nation’s highest office and the key to the Democratic Party’s success in 2016. 

While Clinton is undoubtedly the most talked-about potential female candidate, she’s far from the sole woman in the Democratic Party that could launch a formidable campaign for the Oval Office. 

Though no female candidate has confirmed a 2016 presidential bid, a remarkable number of women are considered some of the most viable potential candidates for the Democratic nomination. These women are worth discussing not simply because of their gender, but because they happen to be some of the most legitimate candidates other than Clinton. 

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