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The day before today, i used to be saddened after I obtained an electronic mail, in connection with the 2016 election, with the subject line, "the usa divided is a great aspect." to be clean, i have study several blogs or e-mail of this same nature, however this one become my tipping point.

The writer complemented her weblog with a video that went on to speak approximately how evaluation and department inspire desire. I expressed joy for folks that might also ultimately be motivated to behave. I additionally liked that there is a good deal to be discovered from anything motivates us and awakens change.

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But, for me, this doesn't equate with "the usa, divided nation, is a good aspect" - specially for those in our society who will deeply be afflicted by this division. I cannot assist but surprise how this can be acquired with the aid of people who can be suffering. I liken it to viktor frankl's, man's look for that means. I respect this as one of the more motivating books i have ever examine. It speaks to how his enjoy with nazi death camps contributed to his non secular survival. Yet, i do no longer realize everybody who might say the holocaust changed into an awesome thing (which was pinnacle of thoughts and heart as i wrote this piece, and we commemorated holocaust remembrance day).

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From my attitude, human beings seem disconnected when they talk of the results of the election, and the division of our u . S ., as a "appropriate aspect". I ponder if they are sharing this from a pc, in a relaxed domestic, in a safe community. If they're unaware of their privilege to wax philosophical as others suffer. They will no longer be, or might not see that they're, at once or in a roundabout way stricken by this loss of freedoms. To others who read, it could even appear elitist.

I'm religious and understand the location of the trickster as a catalyst to move us forward. But, for me, saying "a rustic divided is a superb element" is past this spirit. Beyond kind and compassionate.

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