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Format You can complete 100% of our University studies from virtually anywhere in the world. Since 1989, our computer-based educational delivery system has extended the boundaries of the classroom. The Online program uses the power of the Internet to deliver online learning that is independent of time and location. Rather than gathering in a classroom, students and instructors interact online or offline in a forum using the latest technology. How the Program Works In the Online program communication is many-to-many rather than one-to-one. Each class shares its own group mailbox, which serves as an "electronic classroom." While communication between individuals is common, each class uses fast a group forum where students put their work mba and ideas before classmates for comment. This upgrades the quality of most work before its more formal, academic review by the instructor.

Students can access research material from the degrees University''s Electronic Library. The Online program is designed to benefit working professionals in a number of ways. Classes fast are offered one at a time, in sequence. There are no semesters, so students can begin a course of study any month of the year. A student can concentrate on one subject at a time, and when a class is completed they can move on to the next one until all degree requirements are met. Each online class lasts five or six weeks. A student can sign on any hour of the day or night, taking part at times that best fit his or her schedule. While this flexibility is unprecedented, it requires greater than average discipline and does not allow a student to "coast." Students devote an average of fifteen to twenty hours a week to their studies.

What It''s Like Typically, on the first day of the week the instructor sends introductory information on the week''s topic and confirms the assignments, such as reading from the textbook, completing a case study, or preparing a paper on the topic you''re studying. The instructor also posts a short lecture or elaborates on the material, and provides discussion questions related to the topic. Throughout the week you work on your reading and assignments on your own, just as you would in a traditional classroom setting. You use the computer conferencing system to participate in the class discussion and ask questions/receive mba feedback. When your assignments are due, you send them to your instructor online. Your instructor grades them and sends them back to you with comments.