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How the Idea of Manifesting is Ruining Your Chances of Success

by Pravin Kumar (2017-08-07)

Work is involved, though. Edison, even though he visualized and planned and believed that he could do it, did not await the Universe to answer his beck and call for a light bulb. Hell, no! He performed over 12,000 (that's twelve thousand!) experiments until he Manifestation Miracle Review hit upon the one that worked. He "manifested" what was in his mind; but that "manifestation" only came about because of his actions. It wasn't a "gift" from the Universe; it was a reward for his years of toil. He earned it. (Just so you know, the whole concept of the Universe giving "gifts" is a pretty dumb one, too. It's another word in the new self-help lexicon that really needs to be flushed.) According to the definition of manifest, manifest means "to display or show or to be evidence of something." For example, when you have too much of a virus in your body, they will manifest themselves as you having a cold - stuffy nose, fever, aches and pains. A person with generally nice thoughts will more than likely manifest those thoughts by doing nice things, such as holding doors open for others. Let's get back to Edison. He was a smart person. How do we know that? His inventions and discoveries made manifest his intelligent thinking. Along the same lines, a courageous person is known to be courageous because he does courageous things - his courage becomes manifest in his actions.