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Viet Nam

Bio Statement Bac Son street in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi. This is one of the most beautiful and romantic streets in Hanoi. On the occasion of spring warm, the road in the brilliant purple flowers of the flowers enough to make people go through must also look several times, as if it was lost in the North West space in the heart of the Capital. Run in the middle of the street of Hanoi Hotel is the flower bouquet with a variety of flowers to four flowers always bloom. On each side of the pavement are two rows of trees, the inside is the oil seed of the South, the tall body, strong body. Outside the road is the flowers from the Northwest Forests moved back with low foliage, slender, do not hide the sight of Uncle Ho Mausoleum. Both flowers bloom together, creating a romantic scene, poetry. Couples or couples come here to take wedding photos, while the young people enlisted to visit and record the beautiful pictures of the most beautiful flowers blooming on the street full of purple flowers.