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Edgar David

Bio Statement Happy birthday pictures The post-war period was a great time for me. In C. was every Sunday dance music. We always went there. One can already say the whole village youth. In the summer of 1945 I met my husband. Actually I did not like him at all. What I liked: happy birthday pictures he could dance excellently, even though he had never learned it. I never danced and danced so much as I did with him. He also had hands and dark eyes. I liked that. Otherwise, I still felt too young to tie myself to someone.

But there he was very stubborn. He just came to our house. That made me so annoyed that I left when he came. There he sat with my mother and said he came because of Helmut. For my birthday he gave me sewing needles and several metal buttons. There he had a great deal of trouble, and my joy at the gift was enormous. There was nothing to buy, the money was worthless. Only through a barter exchange could one come to something. Fred had stolen a basket of grapes at night and exchanged for the needles.

Happy birthday pictures In the summer of 1946 we were firmly together. When we were married in December 1947, before the monetary reform, there was almost nothing to buy. Nevertheless it was a nice party. With coffee and cake. For dinner there were dumplings and a hearty rabbit roast. It all tasted. My mother made a lot of effort until she finally found someone to exchange the fabric for the wedding dress for sugar. It was dark blue velvet. The dress was long and the cut in princess form. The food was from parachute silk. The white shoes were lent. Frau K. has sewn the dress and lent me the gloves.

I can really claim that it was a beautiful dress. How often have I been addressed in all the years where people could remember it. Even now, when I would celebrate my Golden Wedding next year, many people can still remember the dress. On the wedding photo you can not see the whole dress. Also the Christrose bouquet was no longer fresh. The recording was made later. We did not have a camera. So we were only a few days later by train to W. to make the recording. The suit of my husband was borrowed from his cousin. He could not buy anything, the shops were empty.

In everyday life, he wore the clothes of his father, into which he would have fitted twice. His stuff was burned during the bomb attack. It was a beautiful wedding. It was cold and windy at the wedding ceremony. The next day the sky was bright blue with plenty of sunshine. After the wedding, the music began as a great surprise. A beautiful female voice sang "Take my hands, then." This was very moving and it remains forever unforgettable. It was a gift from Mrs. K. Happy birthday pictures.