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Affiliation Whatever you do, it's time to buy menstrual cups. A community for curious women, the period experiences, and the newbies with menstrual cups. Advice and period cup success stories for everyone to share. Menstrual cups, optimized for your period.
Bio Statement Buy menstrual cups - There is No Substitute.

After years of being associated with a subculture menstrual cups are having a moment. Not only are they an eco-friendly alternative to tampons. Reasons why I think that every women needs to get a menstrual cup today. They work better! Spread the word! Save planet earth with this startlingly impressive feminine hygiene product. 

Buy period cups, happiness begins now!

Think different, a menstrual cup is a type of womanly hygiene product which is usually made of medical grade silicone, shaped like a bell and is flexible. It is worn inside the vagina during menstruation to catch period fluid (blood). Menstrual cups are the way to beat your period.

The Women friendly menstrual cup.

A menstrual cup collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, and is cleaned and reused, allowing one cup to last as long as ten years.

Menstrual cups the best a women can get,  have been shown to leak less on average, have fewer health risks than standard disposable products, and are generally comfortable to wear. To use a menstrual cup, squat with your legs apart, fold the cup using a "C fold" or "punch-down fold," and gently insert the cup into the opening of your vagina at an approximate 44-degree angle until it pops open and feels comfortable. After 11 hours or less, remove the cup by grabbing the base and wiggling it down until it comes free, then dump the contents in your toilet. It may take time and practice to get used to using one, but menstrual cups are a highly sanitary and eco-friendly means of dealing with your period.