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The Lily Cup

by Rosie Cups (2017-04-26)

In response to Preço das pilulas de emagrecimento

Lily Cup: The Lily Cup, made by Intimina, is a really interesting design. I’m usually heavy for two days then a lighter flow off and on for 1-5 days depending. I’ve heard some women reject the menstrual cup on the grounds that it’s the new toy of vintage-shopping, tree-hugging, flat-white drinking, vegan hipsters. The cup itself is asymmetrical, which means it takes a bit more practice to get insertion just right. enough of the TMI. You can also find them in the Live Retailer Map at right, and in DivaCup's local distributor list here. DivaCup is now available in Australia from Discount Drug Stores, both online and in-store. Reply. It’s a pretty long cup, so if you have a short vagina this one probably won’t work for you.

Casey September 28, 2016 at 11:07 pm # It is uncomfortable especially for me, who hasn’t had sexual escapades yet, much less children. There is an initial “Eww factor” to using it but you seriously can't feel it – to put it in you fold it, insert it, then it pops open – and let's be real, it's not that big ;-) If it's in correctly you will literally forget you are wearing it.

So. But the cup itself is pretty big, and the design makes it a little bit harder for first-timers. But it comes with a no-spill lip that did help cut down on messes in our tests. This cup is the smoothest and feels the best of all the cups we tested; the silicone is incredibly soft. One of the cups I tried was the Lunette. Also, from Chemist Warehouse, both online and in-store. I might try it again when I’m older.

ShannonOD November 6, 2009 at 4:55 am # Try it! I seriously will not ever go back. However it’s a good idea to ask in-store as it may encourage retailers to get more brands in stock.If a local retailer isn’t on here, get in touch.

Karen Locke November 17, 2016 at 2:26 pm I’m a 1st time user. Some Australian retailers are listed below. Stocks may be limited and it may be easier to buy online. I’m also planning to introduce my teenage daughters to the menstrual cup after I tried it for a full cycle. Though kudos to those who like it and get it to work well. especially the weird string that can get “lost.” You know?

Some menstrual cup products - The Keeper, DivaCup, Juju and Lunette - are available from retailers in Australia. What I wanna know is what you would recommend to me, and stuff like how often to empty/clean it, I seen an earlier comment about 10-12 hours. I don’t really like what I read about them, and I don’t like how they work. (Mine is a size 2, but I don’t think that changes the firmness of the cup.) I personally think the Lunette is more on the softer/more flexible side, (I’m comparing it to a LENA.) I see that there have been others suggesting different folds. Please. So to me if you are fairly tight down there, it wouldn’t be very comfortable fit..I’m in my early 20s gave it a try, I didn’t like it, it wasn’t the mess or anything that turned me away from it was just how it fit, since I haven’t been very sexual with my body as of yet, it just feels kind of awkward and distracting. I’m finding the 7 fold works amazing with the Lunette cup. “uncomfortable” per say, but. Hope I helped a little. Does it really last that long? Are they safe to sleep in? (Waking up isn’t pleasant..) My Hymens been gone for years since I used to be in a lot of sports and biked a lot, I assume that’s how I lost mine, since I’m sure I was born with one. So the Hymen thing won’t be an issue, I don’t want an absurdly big one, I want something comfortable.