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Points To Check Before Posting An Article

by Sneha Shah (2017-09-27)

Before publishing an article on your blog, it is advisable to systematically review a list of points that must be met almost obligatorily to ensure that the publication, reading, and positioning of the article are correct.

My advice is that you create your own checklist and check that you meet all the points. As an example, I leave my recommendations:

Article Title

The first point to check is the title of your article. Not only it must be clear and descriptive, but it must be long enough to appear complete in search engine results: neither too long nor too short.


Almost certainly you will have a page where the last entries of your blog will be displayed, where you will see the extract that you type in the corresponding field (of which I will talk later) or, if not, the first lines of your article will appear: The introduction.

It is advisable that in these first lines make a small summary in such a way that "hook" your reader to encourage them to read the rest of the article.

Write Long Articles

Although it is recommended that the length of the article should be at least 400 words, I recommend that you try to reach at least 1000 words, using synonyms and related words for creating quality content.

Links to other articles in your blog

Do not forget to link to other articles in your blog that are relevant to the topic. Use words or phrases that describe the content of the linked article.

Do not even think about putting a link to the text "click here" since the search engines would take that expression as a word that you want to position.

Links to other sources

It is convenient that you also insert links to other sources, articles similar to yours or related to the topic you are dealing with on your blog.

You should not see other blogs in the industry as your competition but as your possible allies in a possible content marketing strategy.

In order to not to pass SEO authority to the linked article from another blog, I recommend that you use the NoFollow plugin so that it automatically adds the NoFollow tag to the external links.

Add images to your article

Remember that Google also has an image finder, which is widely used and it is also possible to position the articles through the images.

For that reason it is always better to include images inside the post, labeling them with the keywords that you want your article to position.

Add tags to your article

It is more than likely that your blog has an internal search engine, where your reader tries to find articles related to certain words.

That is why it is very important to tag your article using a couple of words that exactly identify the content of your article.

It is not convenient to assign too many tags in order for the search results to be optimal and the reader to find exactly what they are looking for.

Assign a category to your article

Just as important as labels are the categories.

The best thing is that you frame your article within a single category, in order to avoid duplicate content. If you think the item can fit within more than one, you must choose the one that fits best.

Select an author

For security reasons, it is desirable that the author who has the article should not be the administrator. If you are both the administrator and the author, it is recommended that you create a new user, giving only Editor permissions.

Outstanding image

The featured image is perhaps the most important part of your article since it is the showcase. It is the one that your readers will see before starting to read the article: in the list of your blog or in the social networks.

Remember to also tag this image with the keywords of the article and pay close attention to the copyright of the image. Always use, as far as possible, images of which you are the author or even images without copyright of any of the free images banks that there are.


Try to always close your articles with a conclusion where you make a short summary with the most important points you have commented during the article and a reflection to help and encourage the reader to make a call to action that, in most cases, will simply leave a comment or subscribe to your newsletter.

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