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Personal statement writer assistance

by Personal statement Helper (2017-01-25)

The "Personal Statement" is a list of questions about your physical and mental state It is a crime not to truthfully fill out the self-declaration (section 114 of the Road Traffic Act). In addition if you do not fill the list with truthfulness the risk that the insurance does not pay damages echos in case of accident, even if it is not the fault of the accident!

The cost of self-declaration
In case you have already submitted your own declaration in the CBR (Transit Institute), you have the right to recover the money via the driving school. The cost of a self-declaration is € 25.80, -

All questions answered with NO in self-declaration
Can you get all the questions in the self-declaration with "no" in response, then the school can send its explanation through the online booking with the CBR.

The school sends its own digital certificate to the CBR, then the questions and answers (all with the "no") purchased on the business card for your driving test. In the presence of the examiner, place your signature on your own statement or hire personal statement writer.

One or more questions answered with an "YES" in self-declaration
You answer one or more questions with a "yes" then you follow a different route. You can purchase the personal statement document in the municipality or the driving school. Fill in the truth and let your doctor write a note indicating the severity of the reported defect (not all doctors do this, and it is not always necessary since in some cases it will be directed by the CBR to be treated by an independent physician) .

Make time to read everything calmly. The driving school will fill you at the beginning of your driving course with a copy of the self-declaration. If you have one or more of these affirmative questions, there may be several weeks or even months before you can submit your exam application. It is also advisable to attach a note with the self-declaration for the CBR in what you can and what not.

With or without a medical certificate, the CBR may refer you to a specialist by your designee (for example, an ophthalmologist). Please note that the costs incurred for this consultation is at your own expense, the CBR will not have a refund. Even after a medical consultation with a positive result, you will have to attend for a test drive.

The test of driving is really free, the driving school will only charge you a fee for the rent of the car and the time of your instructor.

Once you have received all the medical information, the CBR determines if you are eligible to participate in the traffic. Do you have a disability? The CBR can authorize a suitable vehicle for you to drive.

The following questions are:
- Have you had problems or convulsions, fainting, daytime sleepiness or other disorders?
- Have you had or suffer from balance disorders or severe dizziness?
Have you been under treatment or treatment for a psychiatric disorder, a brain disease - such as a stroke or a nervous system disease?
- Have you ever abused alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering or narcotic drugs, or have you ever been in medical treatment?
- Were you or are you being treated for internal diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, kidney disease or lung disease?
- Do you have to undergo cardiac or vascular surgery?
- Do you have an arm, hand, leg, foot or fingers with limited use?
- Despite the use of contact lenses or glasses can not see well with one or both eyes?
- Were you or are you being treated by an ophthalmologist? Or have they undergone eye surgery or laser eye treatment?
- Do you use medications that affect driving ability, according to the booklet, such as sleeping pills, tranquilizers, antidepressants, antipsychotics or means of generation?
- Do you have other disorders, illnesses or disabilities that make it difficult to drive motor vehicles?