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Buy menstrual cups, because periods can be complicated enough.

by Tracy Menstrual Cups (2016-10-21)

Buy menstrual cups, giving you the power to do more for your period. Getting Your Period in check can be really complicated. Solution?  Buy menstrual cups, pads, menstrual sponges, (Most menstrual cups can be purchased over the Internet and delivered to your house or appartment) natural lubricants, diaphragms, menstrual health products on our online store. A menstrual cup is a healthy ecological and economical alternative to disposable tampons and pads for your menstrual flow. We  conducted an investigation into the Best 9 Menstrual Cups . Please read "The Better way to buy Period cups."

Never in a million years did i think i would insert a period cup up my Vagna. but this is amazing. i spent my entire teenage years and early 20s dealing with tampons and panty liners and pads (at night). it was horrible. i had terrible cramps, i bled through the tampons in a matter of hours, and had to sleep with pads because tampons were not sufficient. this product has changed my life. i now love my periods! i put the cup in on the morning i expect to start bleeding, empty it at night, and reinsert. i am amazed at how much i dont bleed! i used to go through 10 tampons a day. this menstrual cup barely gets halfway full in a day. i also notice i dont cramp anymore. i will never go back to tampons and pads. this is so easy. i have even kept it in for 14 hours (i did not have a place to empty out my menstrual cup) and no leaking - it didnt even get full! i love being able to spend the whole day not worrying about changing a tampon or something. i also no longer have to use panty liners. absolutely no leaks. could not be happier! buy menstrual cups, a period can be fun!

1. I love that the period cup doesn't fall out like a tampon does when I pee.
2. I love that I only have to change it every 10 hrs.--I literally forget I'm on my period (besides other period symptoms like cramps).
3. I love how much money is saved--pays for itself after about 2-3 cycles buying disposable products.
4. I love that there is NO LEAKAGE at all!!!
5. I love that there are no wasted products on the light period days, and no dry tampons to pull out--yikes!
6. I love that it is no more messy than changing a full tampon. Once you get used to dumping and cleaning the cup, its no big deal. Its just a mental shift to touch it and clean it since we're used to throwing it, but water takes the "mess" away in seconds.
7. I LOVE that I feel so much cleaner, virtually no smell b/c no period cup leakage.

i will say, the first month i tried it i was distraught. i could not get it in right. it wasnt working. it was complicated, i was leaking. but after a learning period, i am a master. i am glad i didnt toss it after that first month. i stuck it out and now i love it! buy menstrual cups, No Nonsense.

 if you feel after one or two periods, its complicated and  not working for you- i would say keep trying. watch some youtube reviews and videos. read about it. it takes some practice, but once you get it, its like riding a bike.