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How To Use Coconut Oil To Help You Lose Weight

by Miss Sylvia Spencer (2017-12-07)

Most people love to cook with vegetable oils, soy oil or even corn oil as the health and fitness industry would want us to believe that all those oils are 'healthy'.

But did you know there is a better alternative?

It's called COCONUT OIL!

You see, several recent studies have confirmed that coconut oil is great for weight loss. This is because unlike other fats, it contains medium chain fatty acids instead of long chain fatty acids.

Now you may be wondering why all of this is important.

Let me explain....

Fatty acids are the units that are combined together to form fats. All fats have fatty acids but because coconut oil has a shorter chain that other fats, it is readily broken down for energy when you consume it rather than being stored as fat.

Amazing right?

That is why you need to start using it today.

This article will give you several ways to incorporate coconut oil in your everyday life!