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The Real Reason Why People Snore

by jesuza alex (2017-12-03)

Why people snore? You may not be troubled by your snoring but how about the people around you? Your family or partner may have a hard time getting quality sleep with you snoring near them. The noise ranges from a soft buzz to a loud machine-like sound. Before you look for a relief or solution, you may want to know the real reason behind your snoring.

Vibrations of the soft tissues are the main reason why you snore and there are a lot of things that can obstruct the airway in your mouth and nose – that can trigger these vibrations. Breathing continues even when you go to sleep. Unfortunately, you became out of control. You may be breathing through your nose when you’re awake but breathe through your mouth when you sleep. The air that flows in and out of the lungs through the mouth may cause vibrations on the tissues such as the palette, tongue and throat. It is the same vibration that occurs when you exercise so you hear a sound when you breathe.

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The changes in the body when people go to sleep can also contribute to your snoring. For example, the back of the throat may narrow at times but the same amount of air passing through does not change. As a result, the vibrations produce louder noise. Note that the narrowing of air passage can also occur in the mouth or nose. The nose polyps can also make you snore because they can also block the nose’s natural air passage.

Another reason why people snore is when they have excess soft tissue on palate and/or uvula. The normal amount of soft tissues is enough to cause snoring when the air passage becomes smaller and obstructed. The additional soft tissues will intensify the vibrations.

Fats can also cause obstruction on the air passages. This is why snoring is common among fat people especially those with lots of unnecessary fats in the neck. The additional fat may cause the tongue to fall backwards and serve as a blockage.

Jaw disorders may also cause obstruction then snoring. Snoring that is caused by the jaw’s malformation can be solved using snore guard or through surgery.

Alcoholic drinks can also make someone snore. This is because alcohol relaxes your muscles including the ones in your throat and tongue. Again, the air passage is obstructed triggering the vibration of soft tissues, which is the sole reason why people snore.