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The SEO strategy you used is not working

by jesuza alex (2017-11-23)

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Perhaps you have questioned yourself in more than one opportunity because your website, after a series of SEO strategy, still fails to obtain the expected results. This happens when they do not focus, for example, on the public to whom they must address mainly to sell a product. This happens a lot: I have a high traffic but it is towards the wrong audience and there is no conversion.

The SEO must reinvent itself and adapt to the new times, where there are purchased scientific advances that study the brain, generational theories, human behavior, trends and many factors that make the real world significantly affect the digital world.

It is no longer about keywords, flashy titles. It is currently a question of knowing in depth the audience that really is a consumer of what we offer. Marketing is a tool that should be appropriate to the present, since to continue using technique from years ago nowadays they do not have strength as confirm consultor seo.

Change your SEO strategy to one that increases the number of visits to the website

The number of visits to your website will go according to the quality and not the quantity, although this I think is very clear, what if it presents difficulty is knowing how to adapt an SEO strategy with the discoveries that have been made today .

As if that were not enough, they are discoveries that are very difficult to understand, that dismantle past theories but that directly affect the behavior of the human being. This is what the SEO professional must face if he does not want to go into the history of web positioning.

You must change your strategy to reach the right audience and agree on a continuous client, the quality content and binding with the subject should not be left aside and know well, in depth and if it is possible to customize that contact with your customers will that your product, brand or service is received positively.

Renew your SEO strategy based on the trend of users as say  consultor seo freelance


The key to any website is to target the right audience for the product, to create methods and techniques to convert users into effective customers and to last over time as such. The users have a collective tendency, due to the fashions and influencer of the moment.

It is not advisable to create content without a prior collection of information which you can obtain directly from the users without knowing it or with all the freedom of the case