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Know Why a Pen Drive is a Necessity These Days

by LUNA rex qeen (2017-11-01)

The major advantages of USB pen drives over other portable storage devices such as floppy discs or DVD/CD is their compact shape and size, they operate faster and can hold more data. As the pen drives are not associated with any moving parts, they operate more reliably.

In recent times, the more updated computers lack floppy disc drives while USB ports appear in every current mainstream PCs and Laptops. Most of the pen drives use the USB mass storage system which can be supported by any modern Operating System such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and other Unix oriented systems. Pen drives using USB ports function faster than the optical 32gb pendrive

The pen drive contains a minute circuit board whi ch is protected by plastic, rubberized or metal case. Such sturdy protection shields the pen drive while being carried in the pocket or key chain. The USB connector is shielded by a removable cap or it can be automatically retracted into the body of the drive. This prevents it from being damaged even when exposed.

Most of the normal pen drives use standard A - USB connection. These storage units combine a number of older technologies with low cost, low power consumption and small size possible now by the recent advancements in micro processor technology. The memory storage is based on earlier EPROM and EEPROM technologies.