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Ninjaessay experts thoughts about crisis

by Marggie Hopkins (2017-10-13)

According to ninjaessays experts review, despite the fact that the Chinese regulators took a number of measures to reduce the panic in the market, in particular, "pouring" his money, their actions did not convince investors. Chinese markets continue to fall.

More than 80% of investors in China are small and often inexperienced investors, who even take loans under a mortgage, tempting for easy profits. But now they are not ready to risk and prefer to quit the game.

In the analytical environment, the already existing situation predict the financial and economic crisis not only for China, but also for the whole world. After all, the fall of such a large economy will mean a decline in world trade. China will be less to buy raw materials, and maybe even become its exporter. Prices for raw materials, including oil, will fall, and the world will be on the verge of a crisis that it has never seen.