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Boosting STEM Skills with Construction Toys

by jesuza alex (2018-03-06)

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These are the four branches of studies that are most coveted, with high-profile career, useful advancements, and a good living as part of the package. Hence, many parents are concerned about developing STEM skills in their offspring so that they can be assured of having a good future.

Toys Building STEM Skills:

Recent research has shown that the toys we play with at an early age could very well develop our brain according to the sort of skills required by STEM subjects. If chosen carefully, the toys your children play with could develop their motor and spatial skills, enhancing their problem solving abilities, and even allow them to pick up language more easily.

STEM fields and STEM skills require something a little extra. This is essentially a sort of intelligence that is not conveyed through one’s words, but their actions. For instance, being able to visualize 3-D objects and imagine how they can be manipulated is a valuable one in engineering and technology. An item like the Lego Classic Space Toys can really challenge and develop the mind.

Structured Block Play:

When kids are presented with classic construction toys such as Lego blocks, they strive to copy a design or make one of their own. They have to think about the different kinds of blocks and other accessories, and how they go together. Plus, it helps in making the final object if they can imagine in their mind how it would look from different angles. This develops their quantitative thinking process.

Certain Lego designs may seem simple, but they do require quite some effort on the part of the brain. By practicing or playing with Lego blocks every day, then, a child is making strides towards understating how objects work spatially. Of course, they may not understand how the blocks go together when they’re very young. However, the more they play the more experience they would get in this area.

Scientific Testimony:

There have been several studies conducted with respect to the effect of a child’s toys on their thinking and learning abilities. Those children who had more chances of and more encouragement towards playing with construction toys scored very high in spatial learning tests. This is not just the testimony of people conducting the tests, but also that of engineers themselves.

Ask any engineer, and you would get to know that he or she was very interested in construction toys from a considerably young age. This is probably why all those connections are now hard-wired inside their brain and they find engineering and interesting and enjoyable professions.


Of course, there is also the chance that those children that already have strong spatial abilities are attracted towards construction toys in the first place. Nevertheless, these toys do manage to enhance STEM skills even if they don’t create them. It is hence highly recommended that parents expose their children to physical experiences with toys that promote crafting, construction, and generally learning how things come together as a sum of parts.

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