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A Guide to Storage Units in Dallas

by jesuza alex (2018-03-02)

Storage units are a must-have for the modern world. Even with the minimalist trend making waves, you may still have a lot of things that you want to put away. You may just want to store certain belongings that you have no use for but can’t bear to throw away. Or you may be on the move and simply want a place to hold large things like furniture until you have room for them.

In a large and flourishing city like Dallas, Texas, it’s not uncommon to need storage units. Luckily, there is a wide variety of storage units Dallas has to offer. These are easily available for booking online or through calls.


The prices of storage units in Dallas, Texas, are not fixed. However, they are a bit on the pricey side since Dallas is such a highly populated area. On the bright side, there are several storage unit suppliers. This means that you have a lot of choice when it comes to storage units. The vendors themselves would be putting up competitive pricing and deals and impressive customer service in order to obtain as many customers as possible.

As an example, Public Storage is located on 2320 N Central Expy Dallas, TX. It could offer a low price of eighteen dollars if one reserves its units through the internet. If someone wants an in-store reservation, the lowest cost would be around twenty dollars a month.

Reserving Through the Web

There are several online services through which you can quickly and easily reserve the best kind of storage units for yourself. There are several advantages to taking this step, which we’ll outline below:

  • Lower prices especially for those using web services.
  • Special discounts on packages as well as deals like free reservation, first-month free trial, or something like a dollar for the initial month.
  • Ways to search through filters according to your preferred price range, location, required services, etc.
  • Reservation within minutes with a few clicks or even a manual phone call.
Other Considerations

There are several other factors to look at when you’re deciding upon the best storage unit facility to opt for. You have to look at how far the units would be from your house. If they’re very far, you would have to factor in the cost of having your items picked and dropped to your house. Alternatively, you would have to calculate the cost of travelling back and forth yourself. This could really pile up, so you ideally want a location near you if you want to be making frequent trips to your unit.


Above all else, be sure to ask around and read reviews before you give over your money and possessions to a storage unit facility. There’s a lot to be said for good reputation, so trust the reviews that sound genuine and ask your neighbors for their preferred storage facilities.