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Upgrade with Google Speed and do not slow down as say marketing online barcelona

by jesuza alex (2018-02-22)

Speed is important in the world of web positioning, this depends on the permanence of a user on your site and even more on mobile devices. Given this the search giant decided to update its classification pattern and opted to consider the loading speed of mobile websites as a mechanism of web positioning on this platform. With Google Speed you will be able to know if your website is optimal to be part of the first places in the SERP lists.

This tool is free and in it you can determine the load time of your website for mobile devices. According to experts, the maximum load time of a mobile website is 3 seconds longer than that, it will generate boredom for users who will end up leaving without entering.

This generates a great loss of prestige on the part of the users towards your page, causing Google to find out and take action on the matter in the best way that it knows how to do, penalizing.

The world points to the use of these equipment in a more daily and universal way, that is to say, that by 2020 all the active labor force of a large part of the world will have a mobile device and from it will do all the search activities, check of information, emails, news, among others.

With Google Speed you can analyze and optimize the performance of your website

Google Speed has been updated to improve the user experience, its improvement is based on being able to measure the load performance of a mobile website in the real world. Among the updates that Google has implemented is the issue of usability and user experience with your mobile devic as say agencia marketing online barcelona

This usability has meant that the creation of websites is not very flashy or dynamic, but this is a necessary evil, since going against these policies implemented by Google would cause a low score to be part of your search list.

Starting in July, Google will begin to implement its update based on the loading speed of mobile websites, with respect to this the owners of mobile pages should start working on a new web positioning strategy, applying tools such as AMP, which is ideal for the design and loading speed of websites.