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Top Tips for Getting Custom Suits

by jesuza alex (2018-02-16)

Going to work, you need to look your best, especially when you work for a high-end company or the likes of Wall Street. To look your best every day, you need to know just how to dress up and have a keen sense of matching your outfit. Even your casual wear needs to be perfect.

If you work for a place that requires you to dress up every day, you need to have a few good suits in your closet. Yes, you can find tons of good things readymade, but having one or two custom suits gives a completely different look. They will suit you better and enhance your looks. They are well worth the money you put into them.

However, a lot of people make simple mistakes when buying men's custom made suits. Thus, here are some tips to avoid these mistakes and ensure that you get the right suit for yourself:

Go Where You Enjoy

It is important that you go to a place where you enjoy shopping as you would be comfortable. Plus, if the staff is friendly with you, you will be able to get a good find as well. You will have more confidence and will be able to try whatever you like.

Get Measured

Do not have a custom suit made by giving out measurements that you think fit you. You need to get yourself measured first before you get the suit made. This way, you will be able to get a good fitting which will complement your body.

Tone It Down

Unless you earn a lot of money every month, you need to tone down the amount of money you spend on the suit you buy. This is true, especially if you are a businessperson or work in the financial sector. If the times are tough and you don’t want others to think that you are doing exceptionally well for yourself, it’s best to look classy and simple than dressed up and arrogant.

Be Careful with Fitting

When it comes to suits, many people have not been able to adjust to the modern dressing type, which is why they still use suits that were worn in the olden days. The best thing for you to do when going for a modern look is to be as careful as possible as it can be a bit difficult to pull off. Modern also means tighter fitting, so make sure that tightness in your suit is just right.

Get a Simple Shirt Pattern

When getting shirts for your suit, make sure that the shirt you are getting has a simple pattern which makes it look graceful. Even if you want to go for a shirt that is a bit vibrant or crazy, make sure it is subtle in terms of pattern and colors.

Do Not Get Something Uncomfortable

Remember that you will be spending half the day at work, which is why an uncomfortable suit will eventually lead to irritation and the whole day will be difficult to spend. The suit you get, no matter how modern, needs to be comfortable enough that you can spend long hours in it and allow you to carry out various activities.

Know That You Will Wear a Shirt

A common mistake is that people tend to buy a suit without thinking that they will have to match it with a shirt. Often, when they go home with the suit, they find that they have only a few or no shirts that actually go with the color or pattern of the suit. Hence, before you make the purchase, keep in mind the shirts you have in your wardrobe or the ones you plan to buy and order the suit accordingly.

Get Dark Elbow Pads

If you must include elbow pads in your suit, then no matter what color it is, make sure that the pads are dark as they look subtle and do not capture too much attention.

Your Tailor Knows Best

Whether you like it or not, your tailor knows more about your size, color/pattern coordination and other stuff including a bit about your taste, so make sure that you listen to what they have to say before you place your order.