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How to identify a SWOT in your SEO strategy as say consultor seo freelance

by jesuza alex (2018-01-18)

How to identify a SWOT in your SEO strategy as say consultor seo freelance

Many begin asking how to improve the SEO strategy or where to start to have a more rewarding experience, before this specialists explain how to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business.

Efforts should be aimed at improving search marketing, so that the user has a better experience when performing the search and get the results that he really expects.

The technique to implement well known in the professional world is the SWOT, it is ideal to detect needs, resolve conflicts, solve problems and more importantly, focus efforts to the right place.

Let's start by filling the SWOT quadrant with strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. After defining this matrix, the following is the best, the analysis; On this depends the true achievement of optimal results to improve the business.

The analysis generates a plan of action framed to define the most transcendental elements that will serve as an input for future SEO strategies.

The SEO strategy should be focused on where it is most needed

The goal is to direct efforts where it is really needed, when a website is optimized and part of a strategy (it is logical) you really need to enter the SEO field and for that there are many techniques and tools, free and paid.

Faced with this huge range of options, the important thing is to identify which place really needs attention, when it is known, after applying the numerous existing techniques, you should focus on resolving that situation as soon as possible.

There are always spaces within the business that have more popularity than others, for example: a marketing strategy to promote a product through social networks, before this is necessary to know which attracts more public, which performs the conversion and which does not. Depending on this result, it is sought to solve which brings a low ROI and in case of achieving its increase, continue with the fate, eliminating its use.

Everything will depend on the gathering of information, the analysis and the result of those analyzes; it is not convenient to make decisions without having at hand information regarding the case, since an arbitrary decision would generate enormous losses and a resounding failure.

In conclusion friends and colleagues SEO, the important thing is to create SEO strategy that really generates a beneficial option to the business, focus on what goes wrong and do not neglect what is going well, in the SEO world the ups and downs are the order of the day.