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hotel passeig gracia Barcelona

by jesuza alex (2018-01-08)

From what country are the tourists arriving in Barcelona? What are your favorite stations? What if we told you that only Spaniards stay less than 3 nights when they plan their visit to Barcelona? We tell you these and other data that can be surprising with 8 curiosities of those travelers who drop by Barcelona at any time of year. If you want to extract many more do not hesitate to see the following infographic.

8 curiosities of travelers passing through Barcelona

1. The English are in love with Barcelona, even ahead of Spaniards ...

Indeed, according to the study, those from the United Kingdom are those who visit Barcelona the most with 41%, far ahead of Spaniards (27%) or French (24%), which are the other two profiles of travelers by geographic area. Come to know her.




It is curious to see that, among the rest of nationalities, the thing is very distributed with Portuguese, Italians or Germans in percentages around 2-3%


2. .. and are more far-sighted than Italians (but not too much)

The Italians reserve at the last minute in 45% of the cases, a percentage very similar to that of the English with 40%. Germans and Portuguese are the most planners, with only 12% and 4% last minute reservations.


3. Spring and summer are favorite seasons but with points

As seems obvious, spring and summer are the times of the year most in demand but ... why did not you know that Portuguese, Spaniards and Germans prefer spring and English, French and Italian summer?



That's what we believe that we are in love with spring and even Holy Week. What do you think of any of our ideas for driving routes for a Holy Week?


4. The 4 star hotel is the choice of accommodation chosen ...

The statistics do not deceive and it is the 4 star hotel the preferred option for the stay in Barcelona for all nationalities. Personally, the Paseo de Gracia or surroundings seems a good option.


5. ... although only Spaniards stay less than 3 nights

Possibly because of the geographical proximity, we Spaniards are the only ones who have enough in Barcelona for one night. Italians, Britons, French, Germans and Portuguese prefer 3 nights and, usually, making it coincide with weekend


Barcelona curiosities statistics hotels


6. The average hotel price of 4 stars is € 198 per night

With intervals ranging from € 40 to € 1,259, € 198 per night is what the traveler is willing to pay on average for their stay every night in Barcelona


7. Germans prefer to leave with a full stomach to start the day

Interestingly, only Germans hire "breakfast included" in their stay. The rest of nationalities use the option of "only accommodation"


Barcelona curiosities statistics hotels Barcelona curiosities statistics hotels


8. The traveler who spends the most on average in Barcelona is ...

... British? French? Noo! Germans and Italians leave the city with an average consumption of about 350 €


Without a doubt, we have more than fulfilled the statistics since in the last occasions that we have dropped by Barcelona we have only done it in step and for 1 night. It will have to be solved, right?


Did you like to know all these curiosities of the traveler profile that Barcelona receives? Would you add any that you know to the list?


Barcelona curiosities statistics hotels