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Facebook Introduces New Features, Coloring Your Words

by gernan ale (2017-12-26)

Users only need to type comments, then select the color you want to show in the background of the comment, after finished press post and then your comments will appear along with a colorful background.

However, because the new phase of the experiment, these new features can be enjoyed by some Facebook users only.

Previous other features also embedded Facebook, a feature that allows users to see more closely his friends. This feature not only displays connections that have not been established users, but also many other friends.

Even so this will help users adjust to friends who have never faced. As soon as the user presses a button that leads them to get to know another user, it will be taken to a connection. This also available on facebook lite app. There is new issue but we have how to Fix Facebook Lite Cannot be Opened.

The choice will dig deeper, show users about related events between them, favorite pages, even places you've visited.

The motherboard reports that this new feature brings several functions such as the Tinder app to Messenger, which allows both users to connect if both indicate that they are interested in meeting.