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by Scarlet Kleen (2017-02-28)

Wow. I'd read some of the coverage of this heat wave but didn't realize quite how bad it was. It puts our upcoming local misery in perspective. Seriously, a heat index of almost 144 degrees? How could anyone avoid heat exhaustion, if not heat stroke, under those conditions?And the asnwer to this question was provided by essay writers online - acewriters:

Yes, this does put our weather in perspective. I'm sorry that I've expressed concern about temps in the 90's.  
I hope the monsoon season gives relief to the folks in India and close-by countries.  
Unfortunately, per the article, "Because of El Nino, the Indian monsoon is forecast to be weaker than normal this summer, which may favor warmer and drier than normal conditions, especially in northern parts of the country." 
Not sure what that will mean. Hopefully, more-liveable conditions.